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How do I check whether a certification agency has a EUROCERT SYSTEM notification?

Go to the website euro-cert.net, enter the number of the notification document, and check the notification validity period for the certification agency.

How do I check whether a notified certification agency has the right to certify a management system for compliance with a specific ISO standard?

You can check whether this particular ISO standard is indicated in the text of the certification agency's notification.

How do I check the status of a certificate issued by a certification agency?

You can go to the website euro-cert.net, and enter the certificate number.

What is notification, and what is it used for?

A notification is an independent assessment of the certification agency's competence in accordance with the requirements of CASCO standards followed by the issuing of official permission to carry out work in the system under the established rules.

How can I complain about the actions of a certification agency notified by EUROCERT SYSTEM, and whom should I address in this case?

Go to the website euro-cert.net and send your complaint to the following email address info@euro-cert.net

Who can arbitrate a dispute between a client and a certification agency?

The company EUROCERT SYSTEM can arbitrate a dispute between a certification agency and its client.